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Java EE or the Java Enterprise Edition refers to a standard community-driven Enterprise Software which has been developed by the Java community with the contribution of various experts, the Java User Groups, open source organization and commercial interests. Every release of the Java EE software will integrate plenty of new features which align with the […]

Beauty products are no longer the domain of just the supermodels and Hollywood stars. It is not uncommon nowadays to find new beauty products being launched by beauty bloggers who offer incredible tips along with exciting products to match. Bloggers typically partner with companies to launch co-branded products where they have struck out on their […]

Getting away from home and work for a few days, a few weeks or more can give you and your family the much needed opportunity to enjoy the fine things in life, unwind and relax. Burleigh, Gold Coast is an excellent choice to take a family vacation. But planning a perfect trip requires special skill. […]