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Java EE or the Java Enterprise Edition refers to a standard community-driven Enterprise Software which has been developed by the Java community with the contribution of various experts, the Java User Groups, open source organization and commercial interests. Every release of the Java EE software will integrate plenty of new features which align with the industry needs and also improve the portability of the application. A lot of companies are now requiring their developers to have the Java EE programming experience but what exactly is Java EE programming?

Java EE programmingThe Java EE refers to a collection of technologies as well as the APIs in the Java platform. These have been designed in order to offer support to the Java “Enterprise” applications which are typically large scale, transactional and distributed applications. Such applications have been built in order to offer support to the mission-critical business applications for the organizations that deploy these applications.

The enterprise applications are typically hosted on the servers hosting the applications which support the business enterprise. The Java EE programming is composed of several technologies. These include the following:

  • JAF
  • The Java Servlets
  • JTA
  • JDBC
  • RMI
  • The JavaMail
  • EJBs
  • JNDI
  • JSP
  • JTS
  • JMS
  • XML
  • The Java IDL

Thanks to its importance in the development of useful transactional and distributed software for a range of organizations, many organizations are now in demand of the Java EE programming expertise from developers. In the recent years, there has been an upsurge in the adoption of the Java EE platform by a great range of industries.

The Java EE Programming Course

Through the Java EE course, programmers will able to learn about the JavaServer Pages and the Servlets with the use of Eclipse. The programming topics covered in this coursework include all the technologies that comprise Java EE. More advanced topics such as the JavaBeans are also covered. Users will learn about various Java concepts such as security and annotations. This course program is mainly targeted at the Java programmers who plan to build the server-side web applications which can be used in leveraging Eclipse in order to streamline the application development cycle.

The Java EE programming course is mainly targeted at students who are interested in taking their development skills to the Enterprise level. The delegates who wish to undertake this course program must have taken both an introductory and an advanced coursework in the Java SE. Where that is lacking, the students must have an equivalent of 6 months of coding experience. While this is not mandatory, it would also be advantageous for you if you have some web coding experience.

Where to Take the Course

One of the most reputable training providers that can offer you a great programming course in the Java EE is New Horizons Australia. The company is one of the most globally respected technological training solutions provider. Their tutorials are offered by expert trainers who have both the training experience and the industry experience. Try enrolling in a Java EE course and be an expert in this field.

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