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Beauty products are no longer the domain of just the supermodels and Hollywood stars. It is not uncommon nowadays to find new beauty products being launched by beauty bloggers who offer incredible tips along with exciting products to match. Bloggers typically partner with companies to launch co-branded products where they have struck out on their own. Some simply resell top beauty products by some of the leading cosmetics industry. They use their eye for detail and beauty to select some of those unique products that only makeup artists may know about. Bloggers leverage their knowledge and influence and share them widely with their audiences. This is one of the main advantages of the beauty blog over traditional beauty products stores.

While a typical store will offer you brief information about the product which is most likely lifted from the manufacturer website, the beauty blog is a bit more practical. The blogger or contributors offer practical tips on how to use the makeup, when to use it and what to wear it with.

Beauty bloggers make use of their influence and tap into an instant market of fans who love reading their posts and hearing recommendations from the blog. A lot of us rely on power bloggers with lots of knowledge to share tips on lifestyle choices that we wish to make, including what to wear and other beauty tips. Power bloggers curate trusted content. A knowledgeable blogger who knows their art is always a surer bet when you are looking for beauty tips. They have deeper product knowledge and better judgment on the best products to recommend to their readers.

One such blog is Discover Beauty by Karen. Karen describes herself is a makeup artist, hair stylist, mom, wife, shopaholic and beauty blogger. She is also an avid curator of Pinterest pinboards. She is just the kind of person you would like to hear from when looking for expert beauty tips. Karen has been in the beauty industry for the past 10 years and during that period of time, used almost every beauty product in the marketplace.

Today she focuses her attention on the new boutique beauty products that are being launched into the market. She scours the market to pick the best of these and then make them accessible to Discover Beauty readers. Hers is a blog with a difference with her own online shop where buyers can find the best products that were tried and tested by top makeup artists in the world.

These include the Fullips Lip Enhancer which offers women a sultry and sexy look. All these can be found at Karen’s online shop at Other unique products that you can find on her blog include the Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation that gives you a flawless finish on your skin. Karen also offers the Illamasqua Lipstick Sangers where you can find the perfect red lipstick that will just suit you. For more information on the beauty blog’s select beauty products, visit the website at

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